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Real Estate Services

Land Consultancy

Real estate was once comparatively considered a safe harbour, an asset class marked by stable value creation and foreseeable trends. Those days are now gone. New technologies, the global pandemic, and crucial sustainability concerns are now affecting the industry in ways that raise the risks for all decision that buyers and investors make.

At JPM Properties Private Limited, we can help you navigate these rough waters. Across many client engagements around India, our land consultation expertise has played a pivotal role in assisting them in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate to stay ahead amid persistent competition.
JPM Properties Private Limited is thus your ideal land consultancy partner, whether you are a landowner wanting to sell surplus land, or a residential developer keen in securing a site. We offer specialized land consultancy and advisory services on all areas of land acquisition and purchasing development land.
Our team assists potential purchasers to identify, evaluate, and purchase land. We work with landowners and developers to sell land via private sale/ joint development/ re-development/ acquisition and aid in forming joint development agreement between landowners and developers. At JPM Properties Private Limited, we can also help evaluate the viability of a project prior to the formal planning process.

We take pride in providing tailored solutions through our sector experts driven by our agile approach and entrenched in ethical practices. JPM Properties Private Limited is thus one of the most trusted land advisors based in Thane, offering finest solutions to clients.

Our land consultancy services:

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Joint Ventures (JV)/ Joint Developments (JDs)
  • Development Management (DM)
  • Redevelopment
  • Structured Disposition
  • Land portfolio optimization
  • Distress buying and selling
  • Ancestral Properties

Land Trading

Customer requirement ranges from small piece of lands to big lands utilized to set up industries, companies, residential townships, farming, resorts and amusement parks.

At JPM Properties Private Limited, our team offers reliable land trading services to assist potential buyers in identifying, assessing and purchasing land. We function with landowners and developers to sell land through private sale, joint development, redevelopment, acquisition and also aid in forming joint development agreement between landowners and developers.

Drawing from wide-ranging experience and profound knowledge of land markets, JPM Properties Private Limited cultivate meaningful relationships and include comprehensive data and state-of-the-art technologies to offer you diverse advantages. Be it buying or selling, our aim is to create an environment for getting a value-for-money deal done.

We provide these land trading services through our segment experts driven by our agile approach and entrenched in ethical practices. Our land trading services are designed to help maximize the value of your asset and to help you at every step of the way of the transaction process.

Moreover, we put in all our efforts to make such lands available for clients with all legal documentation, formalities and sanctions being accomplished successfully.

We are encouraged to act only in the best interest of society at large and any initiative that we take must impact directly in advancement and quality of life in general and enhancement of urban and rural infrastructure in particular.


Every real estate transaction has its own set of challenges since every property is exceptional to its owners and potential tenants and buyers. Moreover, liaisoning needs clear understanding of governmental processes and persistent follow-up of every task.

Co-ordination and liaisoning with any government or administrative department through “Trusted Representatives” for – land, revenue, property tax, RERA, courts, sub-registrar can only be delivered with knowledgeable professionals in real estate.

JPM Properties Private Limited has been in forefront in liaisoning for many clients. We offer liaisoning services for all types of Agricultural, Residential, Commercial and Industrial Lands.

We make the otherwise very tiring process of buying or renting a property a hassle-free experience for you. The buying & selling process comes with a plethora of government rules & regulations and we are well updated with the latest protocols. Moreover, our credibility and good relationship with the Government authorities & statutory bodies keeps you safe and secure under all circumstances.

Right from identifying and procurement of land as per the client’s project, getting all the legal issues fixed, and obtaining all the required permissions from the concerned Government departments to supporting the project with mandatory approvals for Power, Water, Roads, and other Infrastructural requirements, JPM Properties Private Limited does it all on the behalf of clients.